About Us

We are located in Pueblo, Colorado.  Pueblo was once home to Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation (CF &I) which was the largest steel mill west of the Mississippi.  The mill actively recruited  Italian, German, Slovenian, Mexican, African-American and Asian families to work in the mines and mill. They all brought their native foods with them. The Slovenians were no exception and they brought potica to the area.  It has become an important thread in Pueblo’s culinary fabric.  Talk to anyone who grew up in Pueblo and they will tell you a story about their grandma’s method of making potica.

There are still many home bakers in Pueblo who make potica but they typically make it only during the holiday season.  We think that potica is so good, it should be enjoyed year round!

I moved back to Pueblo in 2000 after spending 17 years in the corporate world.  One of my first jobs was rolling out potica in a bakery.  The owner jealously guarded her recipe and would only provide the already-made components to construct the potica.  Hers was good but I thought it could be better.  After a little reverse engineering, I came up with my own recipe for walnut potica.  In addition, I created almond and pecan.  I started selling these at the Farmer’s Markets in 2010 and Janessa’s Gourmet Potica Company was born!